reUse, rePurpose, reNew 

Stop Wasting Your Knowledge!

Reclaim your Knowledge

Work with us to capture and reclaim your knowledge in a purpose-built AI that allows you to continuously access and extend your knowledge in ways you’ve never considered. 


Instantly access and reuse your past knowledge to improve decision-making and productivity, removing the effort needed to find, share and recreate lost knowledge


Extend the value of your past knowledge with our powerful AI content generation capability, transforming and repurposing it into new content relevant for new audiences today


Discover new insights, markets and opportunities by having our purpose-built AI contextually map and link your knowledge to uncover new connections and synergies

Why work with us

We are some of the world’s leading experts in knowledge management and artificial intelligence. 

We combine these capabilities to apply natural language AI to reuse, repurpose and renew your existing organisational or personal knowledge in unique ways. 

This generates massive new value, productivity savings and market opportunities for you. 

reUse, rePurpose and reNew your Knowledge

We train purpose-built content generation AIs with an organisation’s capturable knowledge.

This creates an AI tailored for your organisation, making your past knowledge quickly and easily accessible for your staff and able to rapidly repurpose and extent your knowledge for use in new ways.

Your AI interacts with your team like a digital staff member. It is capable of connecting and building on your past knowledge, supporting your team to realise new insights and opportunities and generate new value quickly. 

Reuse your Knowledge
Mine Your Knowledge

Your AI can generate an endless stream of content in your organisation and brand voices and styles. Your staff can use it to generate new insights and extend your organisational knowledge for new markets and products. 

In effect, your AI is a staff member that never sleeps, takes holidays or resigns. It grows and learns with your organisation, as a source of insights helping your team improve productivity and grow your organisation in sustainable ways. 

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Stephen Hawking

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

Knowledge is everywhere

We believe strongly that AI can strengthen organisations by merging their strengths with the strengths of your human staff. Your DigitalBrain can draft content and provide useful insights that helps and inspires your human team to be more creative, more forward focused and more capable of adding value in the ways that humans can.

Our ultimate goal is to benefit organisations and individual humans by freeing them of the burden of lost knowledge, so they can be more creative, more productive and more interested and excited about the work they do.


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