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Knowledge is the lifeblood of organisations. It sets you apart in your market, delivers unique value in your products & services and underpins why you exist and how you operate.

Over decades our cofounders worked with dozens of organisations to help them improve how they capture, share and reuse their knowledge to generate new value.

We found many failed to realise the full value of their existing knowledge. They were good at capture and storage, but the cost of reusing and repurposing their knowledge was too high.

In 2020 we realised Artifical Intelligence (AI) could now generate new content rapidly by learning from existing content.

Where others saw a way to generate ‘low hanging’ new sales and marketing content, we saw potential for organisations to reuse, repurpose and renew existing knowledge for new channels, sparking new insights and accelerating business activities.

We built a commercial prototype, SimpleMarketing.AI, to help organisations generate sales and marketing content in their voice. It quickly grew in use.

We also worked on the bigger challenge of repurposing an organisation’s existing knowledge to accelerate value creation.

Today we help large organisations and individuals drive new value, grow profits and improve productivity via our AI solutions.

George Santana

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it...

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Our Team

Suzette Bailey

CEO and Co-Founder

Suzette Bailey

Craig Thomler

COO and Co-Founder

Craig Thomler

Aman Kawatra

CTO and Co-Founder

Aman Kawatra