AI is for everyone

We often see folks in universities or large corporations talking about artificial intelligence through the lens of their own professions and organisations.

They see AI within a specific context – and that’s OK – it’s a valid context and important for them to consider.

But for us AI means something different, something much bigger and universal.

We see artificial intelligence as an assistive force that can help every human being to achieve and exceed their potential. An ampifier that allows every person to reach higher, think bigger and be happier in their life, their community and their nation.

We believe AI is for everyone, everywhere, all the time. Embedded into every device we interact with and every tool we use.

Artificial intelligence means a new beginning where our interfaces adapt to our individual preferences and our tools amplify our effectiveness as individuals, teams and organisations.

Today we’re at the dawn of this process. AI is often used selectively and discretely on specific tasks, often working alongside but parallel and separate to humans.

There’s really only a few areas where AI currently intercepts with and supports our work – such as in discovering and exploring information, identifying patterns and trends or generating and transforming content for new audiences and channels.

In the future these points of intersection will grow. More and more AI will be used to uplift and amplify our activities, turning each of us into giants able to perform complex tasks rapidly and ever more accurately. Giving us the strength and insight of ten, and allowing those best supported by AI to far exceed and outperform unassisted humans.

Ai will blend seamlessly into our environments, configuring our spaces as we move through them to our immediate needs and intents. We will be empowered to continually perform at our peak, with AIs able to compensate and adjust for our rhythms and provide us what we need at the moment of need.

We think of this state as being in constant flow, able to move from task to task, insight to delivery, as seamlessly as an orchestra plays.

But reaching this point will take time and learning. There will be many experiments and tests along the way until we get this right.

AI is already here, and growing more capable by the day, but for your organisation to benefit it must also become capable with AI – before your competitors and rivals do.

To that end it’s critical for individuals and organisations to start on this path now, today. Beginning wirth small trials and pilots to begin to figure out how to best apply AI to their systems and structures to support their staff and customers. To create an advantage that will allow them to be a perpetual leader as AI evolves to serve humanity in greater and greater ways.

So consider where your organisation could start today with AI to improve your productivity and employee experience. How can you help your staff grow and improve their skills and deliver improved outcomes to your customers, clients or citizens.

How can you harness this genie today, and tomorrow, and the day after, to make your organisation, and your people, better, faster and happier – before it’s done to you.