AI successfully counts sheep without falling asleep

Ai counting sheep

We’ve all been there. It’s 2 AM and you’ve been tossing and turning for hours, trying to will yourself to sleep. So you start counting sheep. It’s a tried and true method to help you drift off into dreamland.

But what about farmers who need to count their sheep? How do they do it accurately and quickly, without risking boredom and ‘falling asleep’?

Enter AI fromĀ Plainsight, which counts sheep with over 99.7% accuracy. Meaning farmers avoid a task so boring it’s used as a method of falling asleep.

This is the type of space where AI (Artificial Intelligence) comes into its own, doing things humans find tedious or boring.

A similar task is that of reading lots of long complex documents. This is sometimes known as ‘bedtime reading’ – for the same reason as the sheep!

This isn’t the only common task driving people to boredom. Converting those same documents, or media releases, or articles, into short, sharp social posts can be just as tedious.

This is even more so when you wrote the document in the first place. Our brains don’t like endlessly rewriting our own words into different formats. It’s tedious, boring – and may even send you to sleep.

Imagine if AI could take that bedtime reading and boil it down to a concise summary of the main points.
Or rewrite your documents over and over again as exec summaries. social posts, articles, FAQs or more…

Now imagine you don’t need to imagine this – because it’s already here.

We call it the reKnow Summarizer.

So end your daytime tedium with the help of AI that never, ever falls asleep (even when counting sheep).