Apple is changing the Email Marketing game

The upcoming release of IOS15 from Apple will have significant impacts on how organisations email market. The new version of IOS will come with the introduction of the ‘Hide My Email’ feature, which offers users an option to get a disposable email each time they want to keep their personal email address private. This will be done by forwarding the email to their personal inbox. 

Built directly into Safari, iCloud settings, and Mail, Hide My Email will allow users to create and delete as many email addresses as needed at any time, helping give users more control of who is able to contact them.

Initially this new feature will only affect IOS users who have upgraded to IOS15. Users with other operating systems, or who have not updated their devices, will see the same process as before. Also users will need to become familiar with this tool and learn how to use it in ways that suit them.

So there will be time for marketers to evaluate the impact of this change and begin putting in place appropriate approaches and tools before (and if) it becomes a standard feature across email systems.

How will this impact email marketing?

Email marketers will need to reevaluate their strategies for capturing and sharing email addresses.

The new feature will likely see a rise in the use of disposable email addresses and will further highlight the need for businesses to have a clear strategy for collecting, managing and using customer email data.

It also raises the importance of creating informative and engaging content. More of the control of the email relationship will be in the user’s hands, so if you want an ongoing email relationship with them, your content will need to be better targeted and written to address their pain points and needs.


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