Content Marketing challenge #2: User-Generated Content

People consume more and more content from social media and user-generated content every year.

This is a big problem for brands – since consumers can access content directly through their social media feeds, brands lose the ability to control the content that reaches their audience.

The obvious way to deal with this is to create more engaging content. After all, if brands can’t control the message, they have to control the medium.

However, this is easier said than done. While some brands are crushing it with User-Generated Content, others struggle to maintain engagement on their content marketing channels.

How to Overcome It

You could argue that this is a good thing – after all, brands have always had a limited degree of control over the message they deliver to consumers. The difference is that now, consumers have far more control over the channels they use to get that message.

This change is compounded by the fact that attention spans are becoming increasingly fragmented. Consumers have innumerable options for content, and they choose where they spend their attention accordingly. The fact that they’re choosing to spend more time on social media is evidence that they find social media to be engaging – for now.

In order to avoid losing relevance to social media, brands need to invest more time in creating content that’s truly engaging.