Different ways to include your brand voice in content.

It’s not just in your social media posts that your brand voice needs to shine through.

Your everyday content needs to reflect the same quirky, fun and fresh attitude too. From your on-boarding emails, to the copy on your invoices and right through to your blog posts, make it a point to include your brand voice in everything.

Here are a few ways to include your brand voice in all of your content:

  • Keep it consistent. In everything from your website to your social media streams, make sure you’re sticking to the same tone and style of writing. Any discrepancies here may lead your audience to distrust your brand.
  • Repurpose your content. Don’t just let your content fall flat after you’ve posted it. Use it again in a blog post, a podcast, a video series, a webinar, a video on your Facebook page, or even a guest post on a reputable industry blog. Take a chance on a new medium that could be a hit with your audience.
  • Show some personality. Show some personality! Brisk and business-like is great for some brands, but if you’re trying to gain some serious traction in your market, you need to do more than just play it safe. Paint a picture for your audience of who you are and what makes you tick. Talk to them like your newly discovered best friend and show them your human side. Be engaging and be real.
  • Tell a story. Every brand needs a story that’s interesting and engaging. You’re not just selling a product, you’re building a relationship with your audience. Lead them through your story and invite them to get to know you and your brand.
  • Write for your audience. Instead of trying to impress your audience with over-stuffed jargon and nonsense, write for them. Talk to them like you would talk to a friend. Tell them exactly what they came to hear and don’t waste their time.
  • Just be yourself. The most effective way to get people interested in your brand is to just be yourself. Speak to them honestly and openly and that’s all they’ll want to hear from you.


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