Do more with less 

‘Do more with less’ is a mantra that has been around for years and in an era where management constantly wants to squeeze more productivity out of their investments, more relevant than ever. 

There are many ways to do more with less, but one of the most effective is to boost staff productivity. With the help of content generation AI, organisations can speed up the process of creating content, which can free up staff to focus on other tasks. 

For example, a marketing team might use content generation AI to create blog posts, social media posts, and other marketing collateral, both repurposing and refreshing previous content and generating fresh new original content in the organisation’s voice. This would allow the marketing team to focus on tasks such as developing strategies, targeting audiences and refining AI produced content to higher quality levels. 

Another example is a call centre. With the help of content generation AI, call centre staff can be provided with pre-written responses to common customer queries. This would allow the staff to focus on more complex issues, and provide a better customer experience. AI can be used to process complex product and service documentation into plain language frequently asked questions and help call centre staff to understand and communicate necessary information to customers and partners, or could even be used directly to help a contact chatbot to better answer questions with less need to escalate to humans. 

Content generation AI can also be used to create training materials. For example, a company might use content generation AI to create a training video script for a new product based on the supplied product information. This would allow staff to be trained on the product more quickly and efficiently and support customers in making the best choices on what products would meet their needs. 

The bottom line is that content generation AI can help organisations do more with less. It can boost staff productivity, and accelerate content creation while providing greater flexibility for staff to be creative, focus on quality and understand their customers better. This can help organisations save time and money, and allow them to focus on their core tasks. 

If you’d like to explore the use of AI content generation to support your organisation to do more with less, reach out for a demonstration of how the reKnow AI solution can support you in producing and maintaining knowledge-based materials for your organisation.