Enterprise Brain

The Enterprise Brain is a custom Artificial Intelligence trained with your unstructured knowledge to help you lift productivity, make better decisions and generate new value.

Think of it as a digital staff member that collaborates with your human team to help them perform their best work every day. It never takes sick leave, never goes on holiday and continues to grow with your organisation in capability and expertise.


We will work with you to define how your Enterprise Brain will deliver the most value for your team - performing the ‘heavy lifting’ of summarising and repurposing your corporate knowledge for new channels and uses, or generating new content and insights to help your team outperform your competiton.


We work with you to identify unstructured knowledge across your organisation necessary to train your Enterprise Brain, and develop the end points required to deliver value for your team.


Engage with your Enterprise Brain by asking questions, using content generation templates or use our APIs to integrate it into your internal systems. You can even commercialise your Enterprise Brain in your services to produce content quickly and cheaply for your customers.


Continually grow and extend your Enterprise Brain by training it with additional content. This allows you to expand its value across your organisation, empowering your human teams to access your full corporate knowledge in decision-making, sales, marketing, new product development and more.

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