Hosting a live event on LinkedIn Live

If you’re thinking about hosting a live LinkedIn digital event, here’s what you need to know.

The power of digital events is no longer a secret. Since launching in late 2016 on the LinkedIn platform, thousands of events have taken place across thousands of communities. Instead of listening to speakers at a conference in a remote location, LinkedIn digital events give a community the opportunity to gather and listen to the speakers and like-minded professionals in their own home. Imagine being able to meet face-to-face with others in your community—to have live conversations, case studies, and true insights from experts in your field—and have the option to spend time with them without the awkwardness of a networking event. It’s a powerful experience.

What steps can you take to ensure your digital event is a success? Attend to the details first.

Get LinkedIn Live access

LinkedIn hasn’t granted everyone access to their Live event service, it’s handled through a request-based approach as they want to ensure high quality events are held.

To understand their criteria and request access to LinkedIn Live go to

Building your host credentials

Due to how Lives operate, the host is the face of the digital event, and LinkedIn will go to that person to find the details for the event details, so it’s critical they provide accurate information through the host section of the event creation page. The host should be someone with great posting history, with a steady posting cadence.

Select a time and date

You can host an event during your community’s peak posting day, and you can also choose a day of the week that reflects your industry’s culture. The more you know about your community members, the better you can select the right time and date, but also consider how the time of day will impact time zones around the world and the members who are most likely to attend.

Create an agenda

Similar to an event in the real world, a strong digital event has a purpose, and is led by a theme. Decide what that theme is, and build your agenda around that. You’ll want a mix of speakers sharing success stories, and speakers providing step-by-step actionable takeaways. It’s a great idea to share the agenda in advance so members can come prepared, but also consider having time for a Q&A after each session. After all, it’s a live event!

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