How jargon and complex language impact your bottom line

We’ve previously discussed how ‘Simple language ain’t that simple’, and the challenge of making content more readable – not by dumbing it down but by making its meaning clearer and easier for your audience to digest.

 If you follow that thought, taking a view that simple language more often creates impact and engagement because it requires less energy and thought by the audience to grasp the meaning, the opposite may also be true. That jargon and complex language reduce impact and engagement.

 Imagine you’re out with a friend and you want them to share your view on a particular issue. They’re not entirely convinced by your argument, so you tell them ‘I think this, and you should think that, and here’s why…’

 You then start to use complex words and language that your friend isn’t familiar with, and before you know it, they’re not listening to you anymore. They’re not sure what you’re talking about, and chances are that you’re not changing their mind.

 You’ve lost them as an audience.

 The same thing happens when you’re using complex content to engage with your customers or leads.

 Complex language and jargon that your audience isn’t familiar with can make your audience feel excluded and disengaged. They create a barrier to engagement, and your audience switches off. By creating this barrier you’re making it harder for your audience to get involved.

 This also reduces the value of your content – if your content isn’t relevant to your audience, or if they have to work too hard to understand it, then the chances are it’s not going to have the impact that your business needs it to have.

 Moreover, this can also reduce your brand trust – if your content is inaccessible or complicated, your brand loses credibility. It loses the trust of your audience, and you lose a valuable opportunity to connect with them.

 However if your content is more accessible and easier to understand than that of your competitors, you have a competitive edge. You can be more effective, more productive, and more successful than your competitors.


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