How to Build an Irresistible Content Ecosystem

Content marketing is the idea that instead of focusing solely on selling a product or service, a business focus on creating and distributing useful content to attract and engage customers and build trust. These customers then choose to buy from the business due to that trust.

There was a time when this was a novel idea in the world of business, but these days it is practically an standard, adopted in almost every industry. A company’s success can be determined by how well they know their audience and use that knowledge to create uniquely useful content.

However if you’re focusing on the content itself, you may be missing a trick. Simply writing and pumping out content daily isn’t likely to build your presence in a world where many others are doing the same thing.

The challenge today is to look beyond Content Marketing at the Content Ecosystem you’re designing to support your business to succeed.

Your Content Ecosystem is an interconnected network of content with symbiotic relationships. Your tweets lead folks to your LinkedIn articles, which leads them to your videos, which leads them to your Facebook group, where you publish your most meaningful content. Each piece of content is part of a single attraction funnel that takes the customer from wherever they were on the internet through to your community where you can nurture and grow engagement.

Putting together your content marketing strategy is only the first step in building this larger ecosystem of content and its interconnecting pieces.

Tools such as SimpleMarketing’s AI Content Engine can generate high quality LinkedIn, Facebook and starter blog posts in seconds from a few key phrases entered by the business. That’s many of the content pieces you will need for your content ecosystem.

But an AI that that can generate fresh marketing content daily is only half the solution.

SimpleMarketing.AI has also built the Content Marketing Academy to support businesses to use content to achieve the best outcomes in their marketing.

The Content Marketing Academy is a membership site full of short courses on content marketing topics to support businesses to develop and mature their content marketing. 

The Academy is available free to all paying subscribers of SimpleMarketing.AI

This combination of the SimpleMarketing.AI‘s AI Content Engine and the Content Marketing

Academy helps businesses build an irresistible content ecosystem.