How to extend a content plan to new channels

Your content plan is a strategy for developing content to maintain visibility and provide your audience with new and interesting content. 

While you may have originally developed it for a small set of channels, over time you may wish to swap channels in and out, or integrate new channels into your content plan.

This isn’t always as simple as adding an extra row or column to your content plan, you need to consider the type of engagement that is needed for the new channel and how this fits with your existing channels and content planning.

For example:

Your content plan includes weekly 30-minute videos and daily blog posts and you want to add a podcast to it. As such you may need to adjust the timing of your blog post and your video to make them coincide with your podcast release. Or you may need to adjust the frequency of your blog posts and video to account for the frequency of your podcast releases. You may also need to adjust your written text for your podcast release to include links to your blog post and video.

This is just one example of how you may need to adjust your content plan to accommodate a new channel and the content you need to produce for it.

You will also need to consider the type of content you need to produce – is it a new type, different to your current experience, or is it very similar to content you’re already producing.

The audience is also a key consideration in your planning. Not simply whether you’re targeting a similar or new audience, but their pattern of engagement and expected behaviour for the platform you’re adding to your plan. You cannot simply mimic what you’re doing in your existing channels, you may need to publish more, or less, regularly, at different times or in a different ‘voice’.

You will also need to consider how you’re going to ensure continued visibility for your content on the other channels you’re already using. Will your new channel replace or cannibalise what you’re currently doing, or will you continue to publish to your existing channels as well?

Once you’ve considered all these factors, you can confidently develop your content plan for the new channel.


 This article was largely written by AI with some human editing.

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