How to overcome a lack of control over your content marketing

Content marketing can feel like a black hole once you’ve started publishing content. There’s no guarantee your content will be seen by anyone other than you and your coworkers, and you really have no control over how those that do see it will respond or reshare it.

I’m going to start by suggesting that the world’s most successful content publishers, the ones with the most influence over the world, are those who have mastered the balance of creating content that is interesting, valuable, and authentic. In those ways they are gaining some level of control back over the content they put into the world, allowing them more impact in the ways they wish.

It’s not a perfect solution and it does rely on being in an industry or having a following that is willing to read content that isn’t necessarily viral. As marketers we should know that nothing is ever a sure thing when it comes to content marketing. It is from that place, that we can create content that has a higher chance of not going to waste.

You should always strive to create content that is interesting enough for people to want to share it. It can’t be boring or not valuable to the audience who saw it. It needs to have impact. Or as Seth Godin says, it needs to be worth talking about.

Simply put, you become more powerful in the social sphere by being interesting, valuable, and authentic. You put out valuable, interesting, authentic content and if it does indeed go viral then you will be the source of that content. This puts you in a more powerful position than if you were just one of the links in the chain of content.

This ‘link’ is also important point to consider. As a content publisher you do not just want to share content, you want to create content that is seen by the right audience, that is influential, and is meaningful. To be a voice.

Start by taking a look at work you’ve already done. Think about which pieces of your content did well and which pieces didn’t. Try to take a step back and look at the content in a broader sense. What type of content was it? What format did it take? What was the subject matter?

Look at the content you create for your organization. What types of content do you create. How can you reflect the voice of your organization through your content? Your audience is looking for that voice.

If you look at all of your content in this light you will start to understand which pieces are going to do well and which pieces are going to fail. Or at least which pieces have a better chance of success.

I’d also like to offer the following five tips for content creators to be able to influence how their content impacts the world:

  1. Be intentional about how you share your content
  2. Build anticipation with your audience by using anticipation cues
  3. Write all the time
  4. Leverage the power of the influencers in your community
  5. Encourage your social media followers to share your content

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