How to podcast without podcasting

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Like many others, for a long time I felt podcasts weren’t for me.
I’m a big networker, and love running face-to-face workshops.

However, faced with a mike and silence I struggled to find my rhythm or stuttered as my brain ran ahead of my mouth.

So becoming a podcaster was not something I prioritised. Why spend hours every week in front of a mike trying to come up with things to say, when I could be talking to people instead?

It wasn’t just the podcasting itself – it was the long hours editing, the hunt for new topic ideas & guests. The work running a podcast seemed endless, and that’s before promoting it!

However, I had one talent – answering questions.

When I was the guest on a podcast, it was suddenly far easier. All I had to do was show up and unleash my brilliance.

Like many others, I have decades of experience in my profession, and when asked questions that experience flows out in natural conversation.

You may also feel podcasts aren’t for you. The idea of facing down a microphone every week talking into the void may not excite and motivate you. Or you feel editing will take too many hours (or dollars) to make your podcasts sound just right.

But there’s a technique I learnt that you can use to take advantage of podcasts without having to create a podcast.

Become a podcast guest!

There’s millions of podcasts out there, all hungry for content every week.

If you have a good story, strong professional experience, or a distinctive point of view, you can easily find a couple of podcasts each week who would LOVE to have you as a guest.

You don’t need to prepare for hours – just answer questions on a topic you love and know. They do the editing, publishing and some of promotion. While you get to shine for their audience.

As it’s their podcast, they’ll help you shine. You doing well helps them do well. Aligned interests produce the best results.

Best of all, you get all that podcast content to promote, repurpose and share – without running a podcast.

In fact some of our biggest reNotes users are guests, not podcasters.
They use reNotes to take transcripts (or audio/video) of podcasts they appear on to quickly turn it into blogs and social posts.

If you think this is a good idea, then there’s some great directories out there you can list yourself in (a few I use are below).

Best of all, after appearing on dozens of podcasts over a year, I finally taught myself how to be a podcaster (yay!)

I’m now host of the Edgy Tech Me podcast, with my fantastic cohosts Ben NewsomeCarrie Benedet and Jonathan Shack.

We talk weekly about new developments in AI, particularly for educators and students. Then turn it into reusable promotional content with reNotes.

Imagine how guesting on podcasts could build your personal and business brands. Because you can do it, today, without the pain of growing and managing a podcast!

Podcast guest directories

NOTE: You may not wish to ‘list and hope’. It pays to reach out to podcasts who may be interested in your experience & stories.