For Individuals

When you’re the 'name' and primary new knowledge generator for your business, pressure can be intense. 

You can’t afford a bad year, maybe not even a bad month, and stepping aside or retiring is impossible – people rely on your talent every day, when you stop the income follows.

reKnow liberates you from this pressure by rePurposing and reNewing your existing content and knowledge in new ways and for new channels - generating new revenue streams by maximizing your content's value.

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Amplify your Message

reUse your existing knowledge using reKnow’s content generation capability to accelerate marketing, sales and training production, engaging new audiences in new ways to amplify your message.


rePurpose existing content for new channels and uses. Turn blogs to books, books to courses, courses to social posts, transforming content for new audiences and channels to extend your reach.


reNew your content for new audiences, even after you retire, using reKnow to continually build and expand on your existing body of work.  Secure your legacy and income forever.


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