International Women’s Day 2021

SimpleMarketing.AI is a female-led business with a majority of female employees, including our CEO Suzette Bailey.

In honour of International Women’s Day, we chatted with two of our female team members, Gloria Chen and Surabhi Poudel.


Gloria Chen

Gloria is a full stack developer at SimpleMarketing.AI and is passionate about the IT industry. Her career goal is to become a coder, developer, and engineer.

Outside of work she enjoys swimming and playing badminton and is a skilled singer, you might have heard her sing in our weekly “AI’s Got Talent” room in Clubhouse.

She recently graduated from the Australian National University’s Master of Computing program and has a loving and supportive family who have supported her throughout her life.


Surabhi Poudel

Surabhi Poudel is an Information Technology Specialist at SimpleMarketing.AI.

As an engineer with a Master’s in Information Systems her interest in technology began early in life when she watched her father, a mechanical engineer, working with tools and technology.

She has a very supportive husband and parents who have motivated her to achieve her goals.

She considers herself a continuous learner who is constantly curious and with the desire to investigate and solve problems. Outside work she likes to cook, draw, and listen to music.


Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

Surabhi: Absolutely, whether related to my work or to my personal life, I always do everything in my power to achieve my goal. I research, collect information, and make calculated decisions.

Gloria: Sort of. I like exploring and challenges, so the spirit of entrepreneurship is very attractive to me. Yet, I also like my comfort, so I will say I am 60% entrepreneur.


What are your ideals?

Surabhi: Since childhood, my dad has been my idol, and he has made me realise that I am interested in being an expert in IT and want to help the public.

Gloria: People with a spirit of independence are my idols; they are the ones who encouraged me to feel confident. Independent women are not afraid to put their passion out there and I want to be one of them.


How do you define success?

Surabhi: I don’t define success in how much money I have but in becoming the person I wish to be. Success is the result of hard work and dedication.

Gloria: I agree; Success is becoming the best version of yourself.


What do you do for encouragement or to be motivated?

Surabhi: I say to myself that life happens; everyone will have bad days. I try to stay positive; even in the face of failure I keep on fighting.

Gloria: I believe staying active is the best way to stay motivated. I tell myself if I have a dream, I need to do something to make it real. I feel that is encouraging not just to me but to the others around me.


What impact do you want to have in the world or which change do you want to see or make happen?

Surabhi: I want to make processes easier, so rather than people doing things the hard way, they can use more efficient methods to solve their problems, and I believe this could be done through technology.

Gloria: I want to reduce the pain and suffering in the world. There’s many diseases in the world, The Bible states in its last chapter that there won’t be any death or fear, and I think to myself, how can I make that a reality?
I want to find a practical way to make this a reality. This might sound crazy, but I ask all my friends – what if people could live for thousands of years in peace?


To close, what is your message to other women on International Women’s Day?

Gloria: follow the voice in your heart. You don’t need to blindly follow others. Remember to do what you want to do.

Surabhi: Be strong and independent. I want to say to all the women out there, be strong, independent and don’t feel shy or scared to speak up and stand up for yourself. Stay strong!