Marketing ≠ Advertising

Is marketing the same as advertising? The short answer is no, marketing is not the same as advertising. The long answer is, of course, a bit more complex. There are many similarities between marketing and advertisement and because they are often used interchangeably people think they are the same. 

Part of the problem is the fact that the word “marketing” was not used until a few decades ago, even then the word “marketing” was used similarly to the word “advertising”. To understand the difference first we need to define each.

Advertising is the promotion of a product, while Marketing is the entire process of identifying a problem or need, developing a solution by gathering information from the consumer, and planning the distribution of the product to the consumer. therefore, advertising is only a part of marketing.

Here are the main differences between Advertising and Marketing:


Advertising is aimed at promoting available goods and services to consumers through a variety of media and channels. It is a promotional activity through which manufacturers and dealers inform the public about their products and services. The main objective of advertising is to create demand and awareness in the minds of consumers. This is achieved when the potential customers (persons or organizations) are informed about the product or service by reading, listening, or viewing the advertisements.

The objectives of marketing are to satisfy and retain customers, to make them loyal to your organization by developing a long-term relationship with them – building customer equity.

Creative Content

Marketing is focused on identifying or creating demand for a product or service based on its usefulness and benefits for prospective customers. It is a problem-solving process for a market.

Advertising, on the other hand, is about communicating with the target group, informing them about the product, and creating awareness in their minds.

Marketing is targeted towards the end-users – customers. Advertising is often targeted towards intermediaries in the distribution chain and is more technical in nature.

Objectives of the Organization

The objective of most organizations is to maximize profit. This means identifying the most profitable markets for a product or service to ensure the maximum benefits are obtained. Marketing involves planning out the entire market activity to achieve this goal, whereas advertising is only one tool in the marketing process.


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