reKnow for Partners

Partner with us to extend your services

Partner with reKnow to leverage the power of your and your customer’s knowledge to deliver new value and expand your business opportunities.

Sales Partners

If you work with customers to extend their knowledge and capability, reKnow can help increase the value of your solutions while empowering your customers.

Enhance your value

As your partner, reKnow helps your team identify opportunities to add value to your customers using reKnow’s content generation AI. Solve their pressing knowledge management challenges and extend their capability to use their existing knowledge to raise productivity and amplify their market reach.

Extra one

Extra one

Service Partners

We partner with organisations providing digital services to extend their capabilities with reKnow AI within your platform.

Use reKnow’s content generation AI to summarise, structure and generate plain English reports from the data you collect. Or use reKnow’s AI to extend your functionality with new tools and approaches that benefit your customers.

extend The value of your services

Integrate reKnow AI content generation capabilities into your services to enrich their value and expand your customer base.

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