Reclaim Your Knowledge

Knowledge builds success

By expanding the boundaries of knowledge humans have risen from nomadic tribes to a global civilisation.

Each step forward was won by discovering and sharing new knowledge, each step back was due to knowledge loss.

Today knowledge is doubling at a rate faster than at any time in human history. Some claiming in 2020 the volume of  knowledge was doubling every 12 hours – making it impossible for organisations to keep up.


Capturing, storing and reusing knowledge

Capturing, storing and reusing knowledge effectively has been a hallmark of successful individuals, organisations and nations. We rely on the knowledge of what has, and has not, worked to guide our judgement, generate new insights and build new knowledge on the foundations of old.

Knowledge can be fleeting - difficult to capture, store and access. Where organisations kept warehouses of papers, they now manage data centers. Yet stored knowledge can be as difficult to access today as 40 years ago.

Knowledge is everywhere

Much of an organisation’s knowledge is held in staff memories and personal stores – file cabinets, drives and email accounts.

Organisations implemented massive knowledge and information management systems in attempts to capture, store and retain this knowledge for their future benefit. Yet our search tools struggle to find knowledge staff need, when they need it, to avoid poor decisions and needless recreation.

That's where reKnow come in - helping organisations better access and reuse existing knowledge to generate new value and insights.

Knowledge is everywhere


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