Refresh your content when repurposing it

I ran a #contentrepurposing workshop the other day and was asked “how do I ensure that my old content stays fresh 🌱when I repurpose it?”

The thing is that we already repurpose content each and every day…we just don’t think about it that way. We are constantly building on what we have already done and what we already know.

When you #repurpose old content, either manually or using #AI, you need to “refresh” it with new information and insights. You could add some updated statistics, or comment on how a trend has progressed, reference some new research or even tailor the message to a specific audience.

The base principles of our area of expertise generally do not change so the overall message is usually relatively timeless…we just need to add that little bit to make the content “fresh” and more importantly relevant to your audience.

What are some of the things you add to your content to stay relevant?