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Using cutting edge AI, reNotes turns your podcasts, videos, interviews and webinars into summaries, show notes, episode descriptions, social posts and articles in seconds.

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Generate descriptive and promotional text in seconds from your audio/video files, getting your time back!

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Your content is always safe and secure using our commercial grade end to end encryption.

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Release content faster than your rivals by using reNotes to draft show notes, descriptions and social posts from your audio and video content.

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Spend your freed up time with your fans and promoting your content.

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Editing podcast or video transcripts into useful content takes hours (and isn't fun).

reNotes turns audio/video or text transcripts into show notes, articles, descriptions and social posts in seconds.

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reNotes has been a game-changer for my productivity as a podcaster and interviewer.

It saves me time writing show notes for my podcast and creating summaries from hour-long conversations.

Adelaine Ng

Upon Arrival

When I first saw reNotes I found it hard to believe an AI could take my podcasts and turn them into summaries so quickly.

Renotes does exactly what it claims - quickly and with no fuss!

Carrie Benedet

Thriving Matters

My business keeps me busy, so finding time to podcast regularly is a challenge.

reNotes made that far easier by turning our transcripts into ready-to-publish blog posts and social media content in minutes.

Ben Newsome
FissicsEd | EdgyTech Me

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