Turn Podcast transcripts into social posts in seconds!

Don't spend hours editing podcast transcripts!

It can take hours to edit your podcast transcripts into promotional messages to build your audience.

That's where reNotes comes in.

reNotes turns your unedited transcript into a summary, description, article and social media posts in seconds.

rePurposing Podcasts is Hard...

Making and recording podcasts is hard work....and it doesn’t end with researching, recording, editing and releasing an episode. After you record your podcast THEN you must create even more content to promote it! 

reNotes from reKnow turns your unedited podcast transcript into a draft summary for your shownotes, episode description and an article and social media posts you can use to promote your podcast, all in under a minute.

rePurpose your Podcast in minutes

  • Save your money and time editing or reworking podcast transcripts into useful written promotional content 
  • Post your podcasts minutes after recording, with summarized show notes and episode descriptions
  • Boost content marketing without boosting workload by creating articles and blog posts in minutes
  • Grow your audience with social media posts generated at the push of a button
  • Build your authority with minimal effort and cost

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