Simple language ain’t that simple

Most people have heard of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid), but when writing content it’s not always easy to communicate as clearly and simply as we’d like.

 Professionals often have a language of their own, or it can be a factor of lack of time – having enough to write complex language, but not enough to make it as simple and clear as possible.

 And simplicity isn’t simply a matter of writing for less educated people. Simple messages cut through, no matter who you are. Many professionals are swamped with professional language – in research, reports and business documents – and it strains our brains to have to read, interpret, analyse and understand the meaning behind all this complexity. 

 Reading content that is simple and clear requires less brainwork, making it easier and faster to digest and understand. In fact simple language often has far more impact, and gets remembered.

 So when writing content – whether for social media, business reports or even a letter to a friend – it’s worth allowing yourself a little extra time to find simpler ways of saying what you mean.

 Simple language ain’t that simple – but with a little extra effort and practice you’ll find it pays off in spades!


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