SimpleMarketing.AI is now reKnow 

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Over the last year, we’ve helped thousands of businesses to accelerate their content marketing via AI, and we’ve spoken to hundreds of you about your most pressing challenges in managing the continuous need to produce content in their organisations – whether it be marketing materials, reports, compliance or sales materials. 

We’ve taken your feedback on board and refocused our attention to helping you leverage your existing knowledge assets, unlocking the value you already hold in your organisation but struggle to find the time and resources to reuse, repurpose and renew for new customers and channels. 

In reflection of this directional change, we’ve renamed our business as ‘reKnow’, to align our approach with your needs, and will be digging deep into solving your challenges specifically in the knowledge reuse area. 

At the same time, we value and support all of our customers using our SimpleMarketing.AI platform to generate fresh original marketing content for their organisations, and will be continuing to support and extend this platform to ensure that you’re able to continue to address your content creation challenges. 

We’ll soon be introducing new features and content types into SimpleMarketing.AI that will help you to repurpose your existing content and organisational knowledge to support your continuing customer engagement needs, as well as expanding our offering to support new channels and business content needs. 

Behind the scenes, we’ve been retooling our platform to be more robust for our large organisational clients and will soon be able to offer them unprecedented new ways to leverage their corporate knowledge to communicate with staff, stakeholders and customers.