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We've all experienced it. The moment of dread when you must write a
brilliant new post to excite your audience and convince them to engage or buy.
That blank page stares back at you relentlessly, as your mind empties of ideas.
With SimpleMarketing.AI all you need are a few words or phrases,
our AI writes a draft post for you in seconds - suddenly you're back in control!

Generate draft content in second on virtually any topic.

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End writer's block forever. Our AI does the hard work for you.

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For light users




  • 15 content items/mth
  • Content calendar
  • Facebook community
  • Email support
  • One user

For small businesses




  • 150+ content items/mth
  • Content calendar
  • Facebook community
  • Monthly group training
  • Priority email support
  • 2 users in your team

For high-producing teams




  • 450+ content items/mth
  • Content calendar
  • Facebook community
  • Priority email support
  • Monthly group training
  • 5 users in your team

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of copy can I create?

You can choose from a range of social media, blog, general marketing and email copy types depending on your specific needs.


Every time you press the 'Generate' button to generate copy, this counts towards the number of generations you're permitted on your plan for the month. We credit you with new credits each month that you can spend on generations. Generally one generation equals one credit.


Our AI generates original copy every time you generate, based on the content you input. it does this by using probabilities to select each word. So while it is feasible that the AI can write copy similar to that written by someone before, this is extremely unlikely due to the possible number of choices the AI can pick between. However you can always check your content for plagiarism using a plagiarism tool or by testing it in a search engine to see if this comes up with a perfect match.

How much copy can I generate each month?

You should be able to generate around the following number of copy pieces each month depending on the plan you choose. This may vary as some of our content types will generate more copy pieces at a time (particularly the shorter ones).
Free: About 15 copy pieces per month (enough to get started)
Starter: About 60 copy pieces per month (enough for a reasonably active single operator)
Solopreneur: About 150 copy pieces per month (enough for an active Solopreneur or a small business)
Team: About 450 copy pieced per month (enough for a serious small-medium business or agency)

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