Single use knowledge

Not reusing content

Much of the knowledge organizations create is used only once. 

A marketing flyer, a policy, a business plan, a tender submission – all are often created for a specific purpose then filed and forgotten. 

Now that content may be archived in a document management system (for future reference), but for that to be valuable staff need to know the content exists and how to find it quickly.

In practice much of this single use knowledge becomes expensive waste for organizations. There's an ongoing storage cost,  yet the organization rarely generates further value from it. The knowledge has become a cost, rather than an asset.

Document Management

Creating ongoing value

We believe most knowledge has ongoing value. 

Until now the cost of making organizational knowledge (as unstructured content) accessible for repurposing and reuse across new audiences and channels was greater than the cost of recreating, or doing nothing at all.

At the same time Information and Knowledge Management solutions are focused on streamlining how content is stored and accessed for archival and legal purposes.

They don't focus on repurposing and reusing this knowledge as content to improved decision-making, create new insights or generate new value streams for organizations.

Knowledge is everywhere

Organizations also see decades of experience and knowledge walk out the door when their staff leave.

This includes the direct cost of the lost knowledge and experience of the individual, their knowledge of what knowledge exists elsewhere in the organization and how and when to apply it to generate additional organizational value. 

When staff leaves, you also lose useful access to knowledge that remains stored inside the organization - because no-one remaining knows where or how to access it.

Studies suggest 20% of an average knowledge worker's day is spent searching for information, and another 30% recreating what they cannot find. That's a lot of wasted time and energy.

Walking out the door
Mine Your Knowledge

Mine Your Knowledge

reKnow's goal is to make it cheap and easy for organisations to continually mine their existing knowledge for new insights, inspirations, opportunities and revenue.

This involves a new way of thinking about knowledge, an Enterprise Brain that holds all an organization's cumulative knowledge in its memory and never forgets. That can interact with human staff in a natural way to help them complete tasks fully informed by the organization's knowledge.

reKnow's vision is to make knowledge sustainably valuable, and our  mission is to end single use knowledge for all time.

At reKnow it is our mission to end single use knowledge, fulfilling our vision of a world where all knowledge can be reused, repurposed and renewed to maximize its value to you, your organization and humanity.


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