Stop reworking and start reKnowing

A recent US study of over 1,000 large organisations found that, on average, their staff spend 5.6 hours per week recreating content that already existed within the organisation, but was either too hard to access, or wasn’t designed for the needed format or use. 

That’s more than 10% of their time spent ‘reworking’ content – whether it be converting internal product documents to FAQs, project documents to marketing announcements, blog posts to training courses or any of those materials into a weekly, monthly or annual report to superiors and shareholders. 

Think about how often you can’t find a piece of information that you know is stored somewhere in your organisation, and decide to recreate it (because it’s faster). 

Or where you have the information, but it’s written with the wrong emphasis, in the wrong format or for the wrong audience and you have to rewrite it. 

Imagine if you had an assistant who could find the information you need, rephrase it and write a draft for the desired purpose and in the right language for your audience. Wouldn’t that save you hours each week? 

What if that assistant could do this in a few seconds, at the cost of a few cents. Wouldn’t this free your time to be more strategic and creative, refocus your time on raising the quality of the content, or on the endless list of other tasks you have on your plate? 

In reKnow, we’ve developed an AI platform that can do this for you. Today. 

So you have no more excuse to rework. 

Reach out for a demo of how we can help your organisation stop the rework and begin reKnowing your corporate knowledge.