Storytelling with content marketing

When using content marketing, storytelling is a valuable strategy to attract and engage an audience.

To achieve this effectively, you should consider multiple perspectives:

  • What’s the anchor message that your story is focused on, or the counter-story your message is refuting?
  • What’s the data supporting your story?
  • What’s the call to action that you want readers to take?

Staying on message and maintaining a consistent story voice and style is essential. Great content needs to be engaging. That means you need to have a distinct writing voice that flows well and is easily digestible.



How do you achieve this?

  1. Make yourself a visible writer. Don’t wait for assignments. Write what you know and what you care about. Read a lot. Be an avid reader, and make sure to read a variety of authors.
  2. Craft a distinctive writing style. Find your voice, and then keep working at it. Ask for feedback from other writers.
  3. Make your content visually appealing. Studies have proved that 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Learn how to design something on your own, and don’t be afraid to push the limits.
  4. Learn how to tell an engaging story. Your story can’t just be grammatically accurate. You need to be able to understand the rules of storytelling and use them consistently.
  5. Educate through storytelling. Write about the problem your customers have and how you helped a customer solve it. Brand awareness is great, but you won’t win over new customers or get them talking about you if all they see is you.