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Create Executive Summaries in Seconds

Have you ever walked into a meeting and realized you hadn't read the 40 page meeting document in your inbox? Wouldn't it be useful to have a 1-2 page summary with the key points!

With reKnow Summarizer you can!

reKnow Summarizer turns almost any document into an executive summary, making it fast to read, easy to edit and simple to share... and you are always prepared!

Executive Summaries

Turn Documents into FAQs

Spending hours writing FAQs is a thing of the past...
reKnow Summarizer transforms documents into FAQs in seconds.

Use these FAQs to better equip your customer service team, expand your support materials and boost your knowledge base. Or create team pop quizzes or test your own knowledge.

Transform Your Audio or Video into Original Shareable Content

Using reKnow Summarizer you can transform audio and video into text summaries, original articles and social posts in minutes.

Turn meeting recordings into action points, podcasts into blog posts and video training into manuals or FAQs in seconds.

Audio and Video content

In less than 5 minutes, I have 9 social posts and 3 new summarized blogs
from 2 blogs and a video.
This is amazing!

Jason Walmsley

Bconnected World

reKnow Summarizer has cut the time
it takes me to create a whitepaper
from 2 days to a few hours.

It's every executive's friend!

Michelle Abraham

The Four Cups

Summarization is nice but
what sets reKnow Summarizer apart
is how it turns summaries into
articles, social posts, FAQs and more...

AND for audio and video too!

Laura Bell

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