Do you have more documents to read than hours in the day?

Don't spend hours reading content... Summarize it!

Ever arrived at a meeting and realized you'd not had time to do the pre-reading? 

Or are you struggling to keep up with the reading needed to stay current and get ahead in your job?

That's where reKnow Summarizer comes in. Summarize large documents in seconds to accelerate your reading.

And transform your own documents into summaries to help your colleagues also stay on top.

Save your time

Keeping up with your reading takes time - lots of time. And takes you away from priority work and engagement.

Summarizer from reKnow turns long documents into draft summaries of key ideas and points in seconds, saving you reading time and making it easy to provide a summary to your co-workers.

Summarize your documents in seconds

  • Save money and time reading and condensing large complex documents into readable summaries 
  • Produce executive summaries in seconds when you're writing a report, research paper or other large document
  • Use summaries to boost engagement without boosting workload by turning them into articles in minutes
  • Stay on top of your game with summaries generated at the push of a button
  • Build your authority with minimal effort and cost

reKnow Summarizer is for

Executives and Managers

Win back your time by using the Summarizer to grasp essential details and help you decide whether to read long documents.

Grant and Tender writers

Summarize grants and tenders to quickly identify which are right for your organization.

Researchers and students

Quickly scan research to stay current in your area and help you decide which papers to read.


Stay current in your field by generating quick to read report and news summaries.

Podcasters and Vloggers

Turn transcripts and interviews into show notes, descriptions, articles and social posts.

Marketers and Communicators

Quickly rewrite and repurpose reports and news for your own use as original content.

Example Uses

Grants and Tenders

Summarize grant and tender documents to fast track bid/no bid decisions. Your team can quickly read and prioritize which grants and tenders are most likely to be lucrative and suitable for your organization, saving your team hours reading material for grants and tenders you are unlikely to bid for.

Example: Grant program from the ACT Government

Research Papers

Quickly surface the key themes, arguments, points and findings in research and journal papers to speed your comprehension, or turn papers into plain language to help non-technical readers understand them.

Example: Overwintering and Yield Responses of Two Late-Summer Seeded Alfalfa Cultivars to Phosphate Supply (

Industry Reports

Quickly grasp the essential details and findings of industry reports by using reKnow Summarizer to turn them into summaries. 

Then transform these summaries into your own commentary and articles based on these reports.

Example: Proposal for sustainable Urban Food in the ACT from the Regional Development ACT website

Podcasts and Videos

Turn your podcasts, video and interview transcripts into show notes and articles in minutes.

See reNotes for our specialised service for podcasters.

Example: Edgy Tech Me Podcast 

Legal and Compliance

Summarize complex legal and compliance documents for easy reading and comprehension.

Or turn court rulings and laws into original articles. 

Example: ASIC Derivative Transaction Rules from the ASIC website

News Articles

Summarize the key points of long news articles to save reading time. Then transform them into your own original articles and social media posts with the push of a button.

Example: article

Summarize your own reports

Turn your own documents and reports into executive summaries in minutes.

reKnow Summarizer lets you quickly transform a large document into a 'Cliffs Notes' style summary for your manager, client or colleagues.


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