The Art of Marketing

“Marketing is the #1 priority for any successful business.”

It’s become so accepted that it’s become a cliche.
You launch your product or service and then turn to Marketing.
You find a way to get the product or service in front of your buyers.
You spend hours finding a good combination of words to describe it.

You answer customer questions.
You respond to their emails.
You return their phone calls.
You work to get links to your website.
You scrape to the top of Google search results.
You build a social media following.
You look at other marketing channels.
You buy ads that bring people to your website.
You contact everyone in the world.

You do these things even if the product or service is broken, half-finished, or completely lacking in any measurable benefit.
You do these things even if no one else is doing them.
You do these things even if there are no signs that they are of any benefit at all.
You do these things because Marketing is the #1 priority for any successful business.
And it’s all true.

But there is a problem…
Marketing is more complicated than that.
Marketing is not a checklist.
Marketing is something more.
Marketing is something that works hard to make its own rules.
Marketing is a process that attempts to engage customers based on their individual needs.
Marketing is something that tries to understand trends while simultaneously trying to create them.
Marketing is something that is always changing.
Marketing is something that uses friction to provide value.
Marketing is art.

And you know what?
You are the one with the brush.

Are you ready to start painting?
Will you start painting today?
Let’s get started!

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