New: Upload media files directly into reNotes

Transcribe your interviews with reNotes

In response to customer requests, reNotes now supports the ability to directly upload your audio or video files via our Audio + Text plans.

This means you don’t need to generate a transcript using another service or by hand before generating show notes, summaries and social content via reNotes. Do it all in one go!

Upload your media file using the new ‘Upload Media’ option, wait for it to upload, then select what you wish to generate.

reNotes will automatically transcribe your file in the background and send you an email when your show notes are ready to view. You can edit if required, then generate addition content, social posts, an article and a description, per normal.

You can even view and download your transcripts directly from the summary screen, although reNotes isn’t yet formatting transcripts for human readability.

If you need to generate human-readable transcripts, we recommend that you continue to use a service like Otter.AI that’s specialised for this purpose.