Useful AI tools for getting the job done


Ten years ago did you think that you might, someday, be using artificial intelligence to summarize and repurpose content for your business?

I didn’t – and I cofounded reKnow, where we provide this service today for thousands of businesses.

AI is creeping into business in many other ways as well, so I wanted to share with you a couple of other AI services we use in our business, that you might find useful in yours.

Krisp removes all the background noise from your Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Google Meet and other online calls, leaving your voice crystal clear even in the worst conditions.
It’s free to use and works so well I turn it off when someone is with me at the computer, or it erases their voice as well.

Craiyon generates realistic or artistic images from any text description, using a state-of-the-art text-to-image AI model.
It’s free, but only good for low resolution images so far. However no design skills are required and at worst it gives you ideas to give to a designer to refine further.

TribeScaler creates hooks for tweet threads, using AI, with the aim of helping them attract more eyeballs. A paid service with a seven day trial, it can help give you new hook options if Twitter marketing is your thing.

Another design tool, ClipDrop allows you to remove backgrounds, objects, people and defects from your images in seconds. Plus it can rescale your image to higher resolutions without that annoying blur.

Create professional ‘talking head’ videos in 60 languages with this AI powered tool. You don’t need experience in video production and the AI head lipsyncs perfectly to your script every time.

reKnow Summarizer
I had to finish with a shoutout to reKnow’s latest solution, the reKnow Summarizer.

Take documents of any length, web pages or audio/video files, turn them into text summaries and transform them into articles, podcast scripts, social posts and action points in seconds.

You can transform complex language into plain language, or produce short descriptions from webpages (like the examples above) for a tools & tips post.