We don’t have to be elephants 

It’s been said that elephants never forget – and while this may not be completely true, there’s plenty of evidence of elephants greeting each other as friends after years apart or recognising handlers they’ve not seen for 20 or more years. Elephants are the only animal other than humans to conduct services for their dead or are known to return to mourn the graves of their loved ones for many years after. 

In the business world, our employers often expect us to be elephants – remembering everything we’ve learnt or done in a role, so we can continually apply it to meet the organisation’s needs. 

For customer service personnel this means remembering all the product and service information and being able to translate it into simple language for customers. For marketers and communicators, it means recalling all our past campaign content, so we can repurpose it opportunistically to build brand value. For project managers, it means remembering the most esoteric details about projects years after they are complete. 

All of this is hard work, particularly as we’re continually bombarded with new knowledge we also have to learn and put it into context. 

But we don’t have to be elephants. We can have AI be an elephant for us. 

At reKnow, we have people who have spent decades helping organisations to capture, store, access and reuse their corporate knowledge more effectively, and using modern natural language AI we’re now able to achieve this better than ever before. 

So stop trying to reKnow it all, and let us do this for you.