What does it take to run a Summit on Clubhouse?

From 18 to 21 March, my cofounder Suzette Bailey, our partner Amalie Shaffer and I ran the world’s first Content Marketing Summit on the new social media app Clubhouse, a real-time drop-in audio-only network growing quickly in popularity.

It was based off, and supported by, the Clubhouse Summit of several weeks earlier (which Suzette and Amilie moderated). One of its founders, Mike Walsh spoke at our Summit.

To share the numbers, the Content Marketing Summit attracted 1,395 attendees from over a dozen countries. They spent a cumulative 23 days, over 550 hours, listening to and discussing Content Marketing with 6 Keynote speakers and 24-panel speakers over the 18 sessions.

The largest session attracted 303 attendees, and sessions averaged over 100. On average attendees spent 30 minutes attending the Summit, with 167 spending over an hour and the most engaged 49 spendings more than 3 hours each.

To organise a conference this large would normally take months.

We did it in a week, with zero expenditure on advertising

So how did we achieve this feat?

I attribute this to the power of networks formed through the medium of Clubhouse.

While I focused on putting together our website and resources for speakers and attendees, Suzette and Amilie leveraged their networks and Clubhouse followings to quickly build support, engage Content Marketing experts from around the world and attract speakers.

Using our past experience running events, we were able to put together a strong schedule of 18 global sessions running from 3AM Sydney time (12PM New York) to 3AM New York time (6PM Sydney time) each day for three days, with enthusiastic moderators and speakers from around the world managing specific sessions.

We’ve leveraged the traction from this event to build our Facebook following, amplify engagement for our SimpleMarketing.AI platform and kickstart the growth of the Content Marketing club.

And there’s much more to come…

Visit the Content Marketing Summit site for the full statistics from the event, or view our infographic below…