When Marketing, Advertising, and AI Work Together

Advertisers are always seeking solutions that can help them make their marketing more effective. But the industry has been slow to adopt AI solutions. Why?

Some of the commentary around AI suggests that it’s a marketing tool that replaces marketers. However, the opposite is true. AI is a tool that can work hand-in-hand with marketers to amplify their effectiveness and accelerate engagement.

AI can help marketers understand their customers, their products and their competition. It can also provide a wide range of tools to react to changes in the marketplace in real-time.

This is why marketers can’t afford to ignore it. AI is evolving the marketing landscape, and will continue to do so.

Technology is evolving our understanding of customer behavior and the actions they take in response to marketing campaigns and communications. AI offers marketers more effective ways to target and develop their communications, to better understand how their messaging influences customer behavior, and to continually optimise their marketing efforts for better results.

AI has the potential to revolutionize marketing, but marketers can’t just “set it and forget it.” AI tools should be used to augment the work of marketers, not replace it. Marketers should use AI to drive the actions they want from their customers, but  also make sure they understand the signals that AI tools are providing.

Marketers will need to learn to understand the data and insights that AI tools provide them. AI tools can provide data and insights, but marketers will need to be able to interpret the information and use it effectively. And marketers will need to understand the limitations of AI, so they use it in ways that work for them. 

AI is a valuable tool, but not a replacement for human expertise. It’s up to marketers to determine how to use it to achieve their goals.


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